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With decades of rich experience and control ability in Entrepreneurship and sustainable operation, we have established a stable, efficient and standardized management system. The establishment of the whole industry chain highlights the clear positioning of the company's business development strategy. Advanced automatic production equipment, technology and mature process, strict quality control, with rich experience and ability of product processing and manufacturing, ensure to provide customers with high quality products. We have established long-term and stable strategic cooperation with many well-known R & D institutions in the world to ensure the continuous progress of technology and process. The huge, stable and competitive sales and service network all over the world provides strong support for the company's market development, and can provide customers with fast and high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services. With strong experience and ability in project investment, development and project operation management, we can provide customers with comprehensive, efficient and high-quality system solutions.



Establish First Class Corporate


We strive to create value for life and establish a responsible and trustworthy world-class corporate image. We should provide products and services for the society, expand social employment, carry out social public welfare activities, and become a model of responsible corporate citizens.



Continuously Create Market Demand

In depth study of customer needs, timely discovery, mining and leading future market opportunities, accurate market positioning, product positioning and brand positioning. On the basis of discovering and grasping the demand of potential customers, constantly create new market demand.



Exquisite And Exquisite Products

Regard quality as life, pay close attention to product quality, and do the best for customers as far as possible! To meet the needs of customers for products and various requirements. What others can't do, we can do it; What others can do, we will do better.

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Zhongshan FODA Electrical Technology Co., LTD. Address: No.5 Fugui Road, Sanjiao Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province


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