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Shenzhen FODA Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, is the parent company of FODA Group, which has three wholly-owned subsidiaries, Zhongshan CNA-

FODA Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd, Zhongshan FODA Electrical Technology Co., Ltd and MIJI Kitchen Appliances International Group Co., Ltd. 

FODA Group is committed to creating an integrated kitchen appliance platform for supplying the responding key components. To improve our research, development and

production, our group has invested in the establishment of the production bases for radiant heater, induction coil, PCBA, ceramic glass, gass burner, DC motor and an auto

matic equipment business department since 2007.

At present, the total area of our production base is about 60, 000 square meters, with a total of 51 engineers in all category, and the annual production volume of the key 

components is about 4 million pieces. We have created the core and profesional solution of high-end induction hob, ceramic hob, range hood and professional burner design. 

Product sales market and scope: USA, Colombia, Brazil, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, Viet Nam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, New Zealand, Poland, Germany, Romania, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, etc.

Enterprise Vision: Building a Common Entrepreneurial Platform and Forming a Win-win Situation

Enterprise Values: Quality-Based, Growth and Integration, Truth-Based, Innovation and Change, Homeopathy for the sake of change

The Spirit of Enterprise: Don't be ashamed of nothingness, don't be regretful because of idleness

Corporate Culture: Self-actualization, Spiritual Satisfaction, Hard Work, Self-interest and Self-improvement

In the future development, FODA group is committed to providing better service for customers, achieving mutual benefit, creating higher sales value and promoting more comprehensive service consciousness as the ultimate group goal.

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